45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Monday, January 18, 2010

Ain't That A Blessin'!



mrb394ever said...

Well, you ain't Red Neckerson for nuttin'. And on this day!

Enjoyed it anyway. But don't quote me.

SwingB said...

Red, I had this 45 years ago and remember there was a pretty cool flip side that is an instrumental - what was it, "Stay Off My Grass" or "Mow My Grass" or something like that? Can you post that please, with a scan of the flip side?


Howdy said...

SwingB: That was on the Guy Drake Single release of Welfare Cadillac on the same label. Guy wrote the tune. Nixon asked Johnny Cash to record it but JC passed on the opportunity to cut songs like one piece at a time and the chicken in black. Jerry's flip is called Funky Down Easy.

SwingB said...

Ahhhhhh! In my haste I see that... never knew this version existed! Interesting - thanks! Any chance of posting the flip Funky Down Easy with a scan? Some dried up blog had it posted a coupla years ago but the link has died long ago.