45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh But I Might As Well Try And Catch Donovan



Timmy said...

Truely, a daring attempt at scratching the surface os all that we held high.

Anonymous said...

Does a B-Side of this 45 exist??

How am I able to download the song?

Howdy said...

I'll have to put a DL link. There is a B side and I will see about posting it in the near future

Anonymous said...

RobGems.ca wrote:
Wow, a rare single by actor Peter Fonda on a soul-funk label run by Hugh Masekela, & distribution by Motown Records to boot. Fonda also attempted to make a country record under the no-exsistential psyundenom "Bobby Ogden" for Capitol Records in 1974, titled "Outlaw Blues."

mister mark said...

beautiful man..