45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anyone Can Have A Bad Day Link Fixed!



mrb394ever said...

Gee, sounds AMAZINGLY similar to "You Don't Have to See Me Cry"!!!!

Derik said...

when i click on the download link, it downloads the Leon Haywood track, not the Ron Holden one. Can it be fixed?


Red Neckerson said...

I am an Old Dart and sometimes my CRS and ADD kick in! Link is fixed thanks for the heads up !!

Derik said...

You're fine. Thanks

mrb394ever said...

Worth the wait. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

RobGems.ca wrote:
Issued by Bob Keene at Del/Fi Records in 1960, Ron Holden was a then struggling R&B singer who got his lucky break when he was arrested in smuggling Marijuana & booze with some local hoods, & happened to meet a sympathetic warden in the pen who was planning to leave the pennitentiary business for making music & setting up a local record label. This former officer turned musician/producer was named Larry Nelson, & when Holden's time expired, he hooked up Holden with a local Seattle, Washington school band named The Thunderbirds with a couple of brass players from the local Seattle high school marching band. They cut "Love You So" & it's B-side "My Babe" in late 1959 on the Seattle-based Nite Owl Label started up by Larry Nelson, & after some local success, attracted Bob Keene in 1960 at Del-Fi, who issued it on his R&B oriented subsidary Donna Records. The "Love You So" side was a top 10 record in June 1960, reaching #1 R&B & #7 pop nationally.