45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Thursday, April 29, 2010

BY The Way Where'd You Meet Her?



Kedders said...

Thanks for the post Spinmaster!

Anthony said...

If the flip side is See You In September by the Tempos, I have a copy of this too!

Chill said...

The Flip is also the Detergents. You have a golden oldie reissue of the 45

Anonymous said...

The Detergents were led by ghost group singer Ron Dante, with Danny Jordan & Tommy Wynn recording novelty records for songwriters Paul Vance & Lee Pockriss. Dante & Pockriss later teamed up again in 1969 for the hits "Tracy" & "Run Julie Run" as The Cuff Links for Decca Records. Dante also voiced for the Archies, Dante's Inferno, Pearly Gate, Abraham & Straus, Two Dollar Question & The California Gold Rush.