45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Went Down To See My Baby



Derik said...

an internet search says this one is from 1958. don't be afraid to post the b-side. i like the label too. can you tell us anything about it?

thanks red.

Derik said...

wow, after more searching i see that the robbins label was Marty Robbbins', and that Phil Gray's record "bluest boy in town", sold for $3,700 on ebay. you dont have that one do you?


Festus said...

I only have two of Marty's Robbins Label 45's. They are a tough find and mine are average shape and the flip to this has a label tear but like they say I will make do till I find a better one!

I do have some nice rarer items I thought about selling at fair prices. My youngest is college bound in a few weeks and Dad may cash in some nice gems priced between 20-350 that will be a bargain compared to what Fee Bay sells for. If I do that I may accept want lists and see what I can do.