45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tomahawk Chop



barry said...

providing old songs with racist stereotypes is a necessary evil of dealing with the history or music and arts. i just passed this one on to facebook.
but adding a title that reflects present-day racism like 'tomahawk chop' means your joining in the blindness of the past.
keep up your work finding truly obscure records from the past but please don't give modern day credence to old time prejudice
barry benefield

Mike said...

Besides Mr.Benefields crazy comment about predjudice.This is a nice little piece from 1957.Little Butchie Saunders was lead singer of the Elchords who recorded peppermint stick in 1958 for the Good record label.Please keep up the good work on these pieces.If you can,please post the flipside of this"Lindy Lou",its a killer,that might get the previous gentlmans approval!!!

DA said...

Some people get offended when the sun rises. "Tomahawk Chop"????? Racist?????? Sheeesh!