45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do You Remember The Bobs?



Anonymous said...

I remember Dr. Demento playing this.

FuzzTone said...

Hey coach, don't call me a queer.

Anonymous said...

Crisis?!? What crisis!!!

grandpaterry said...

I'm impressed

Anonymous said...

RobGems.ca wrote:
Barrett "Dr. Demento" Hansen most certainly gave this record a lot of airplay in 1987-88 at the height of the Regan/Bush era of Yuppies & Billionares showing off how rich they were,until the S&L crash of 1988-89. Maybe you have a copy of the Pharamone's "Yuppie Drone" somewhere in your collection, perhaps. That was another "Yuppie anthem" of the 1980's Dr. Demento played a lot on his show at the time.