45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Friday, April 8, 2011

Bop Till You Drop?



mrb394ever said...

One of those last gasps?

"Please, please play us big bands, Mr. Disc Jockey!"

KL from NYC said...

No. Just one of those early 45s that Columbia grudgingly made after they (the pushers of the hi-fi LP) lost the format war against RCA (the inventors of the 45). That's why the Columbia 45s were always on crappy polystyrene, not vinyl (and they were injection molded like toys, not pressed like regular records).

I came across a book that detailed all that stuff, plus they credited Muzak with developing the lo-fi LP (later adopted for radio transcriptions), and pressing on vinylite (decades before commercial "unbreakable" records).

Very interesting info for vinyl geeks. Sorry I can't remember the title -- just the info.

KL from NYC said...

BTW, the label scan looks like vinyl -- is it?
I'd heard that some early '50s promos were pressed on vinyl (just for DJs), but I'd never seen one.

The only (few) non-polystyrene Columbia 45s from the '60s that I'd come across were big hits that had to be outsourced because the Columbia plants were busy.