45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Monday, October 10, 2011

Losing A Good Thing



Anonymous said...

Lots of info on that laabel.

Can't go wrong,distributed by Starday produced by Huye Meaux, written by guitar wielding female R&B singer...great find!

hugh effoe said...

fantastic, thanks so much for this great site, preserving these gems and turning on new generations of listeners to all this fine music. I found so many tracks here that I was searching for, ones that I had no idea even of the title or artist, until now. :)

hugh effoe said...

Great track. And thanks so much for this fanatastic site. I have found so many gems in the last weeks, some of them tracks that I have been searching for without even knowing the artist names or title. Great job preserving these recordings and turning on new geneartions to the sounds..!