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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Messy Bessy


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Bruce said...

Here's a bit about Shimmy Records taken from an article on the Ovations who in and early incarnation as Barney and the Googles cut a record for Shimmy

""Bamey took us to a guy that had a jewelry store here in Memphis, Shimmy Alabaster," he says. "Shillingstein knew Alabaster, and they got together and did this little project." "Fall Is Here" b/w "Doin' The Shimmy" emerged in 1960 on Shimmy Records by Bamey & the Googles"

and a bit about the song itself taken from a biography of Jimmy Evans

"After his time with Romping Ronnie, Jimmy went back into the studio to cut "Messy Bessy" a song very much in the Hawkins style. The song was recorded at Fernwood studios and came out on Shimmy Records who had a pretty good distribution deal which meant that Jimmy finally made the charts himself."