45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Monday, January 30, 2012

Keep Your Hands Off My Hit Record



Howdy said...

I have develop a very fond affection for Hit records over the last fifteen years or so. Modern day listening tells me that some were probably better that the "actual" hit record. Alpha Zoe is arguably one of the most talented performers to grace the label of Hot wannabes. She deserved more recognition and chances than she got.

Rockin' Jeff said...

I recently found about 20 of these Hit 45s, and i agree- this is one of the best songs of that bunch. Actually gives Little Eva's version a run for it's money...

Joel said...

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Bruce said...

Makes sense that Hit would turn out some great records.They had a hell of a stable of musicians and ownership had been at it forever.I just had a look in "A Shot in the Dark" and Bill Beasley started his first label "Collegiate" at the tender age of 21 in 1948.

Here's a short interview with Alpha Zoe. It appears she left singing for a reason. http://reocities.com/Nashville/Stage/7799/alphazoe.htm

Thanks, great song!

Anonymous said...

Another great song from the Screen Gems/Columbia song publishers (then known as "Aldon Music" before the late Don Kirshner sold the publishing rights to Columbia Pictures in July 1963.) Hit Records has quite an interesting history of unknown and unsung talent (although the musicians they hired were well-known Nashville and Memphis players.)Owned by Spar Records, supervised mostly by former Sun Records' sound technichian Cecil Scaife, and nearly all of these hit-knockoffs recorded at Sam Phillips' Memphis Sound Studios (built in 1960) to boot. The main difference at the time was you had to shell out 69 cents for Little Eva's recording, while this knockoff by Alpha Zoe cost only 39 cents at your local Woolworth's or Ben Franklin store.