45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Whole Thing



Anonymous said...

Me thinks someone 'eard this and came up with a popular commercial. Then Jerry Reed heard it too...

Bruce said...

A bit about Scoopie Burcie (I think they spelled Brucie wrong) who was Bruce Harper.

From a post I found..
"I believe he went by Scoopie Brucie (not sure of spelling) when he came to Gallatin in 1966. He was one of the jocs at WAMG AM, owned by Bigfoot Jones in downtown Gallatin. Don't remember if he was one of the originals or not. He was quite a character. He was already older then than a lot of us. I'm guessing in his early 60s. I went by to meet him, but never knew him well." Looks liek he eventualy ended up spinning big band records on WMTS in Murfreesboro (a college station now has those call letters) in the 70's. He passed away in 1996.

Great song, but all in all Bruce's tend to make great songs.