45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Heartache



Apesville said...

http://thecabin.net/stories/061204/loc_0612040002.shtml found this about Roy Cost & The shadows Thanks Like the way Roys says hes no country singer he is a Rockabilly Through & Though. Even though theres as sax on this track

Apesville said...

article says this was cut in 1959 But has a 1961 RCA matrix?

Mellow said...

I guess the same band that recorded on E&M in the early 1960s.

Bruce said...

Thanks, great tune, I think the tinkly piano really makes it. Wasn't Roy your principal?

Here's a nice website that lays out there story http://www.myfirstband.com/FirstBandShadowsAR.html

Howdy said...

This is my old school principal and friend Roy Cost first band. I was always told this was recorded in 59 so I am not sure about the matrix numbers. This band later evolved in to the Music Shoppe, then Autumn Mist, then finally under Roy's name.