45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Satisfied Pts 1 & 2

Pt 1 ^^^

Pt 2 ^^^


KL from NYC said...

I wish I could refer you to one of those Northern Soul sites in the UK because you'd probably make a mint selling this one to a DJ.
I've never heard this one before, but it's exactly what they look for, and if it's very, very obscure, they pay high prices.

,,,And the ink on the paperless label hasn't rubbed off after all these years (Amazing). It makes it more valuable (even though it's polystyrene).

Howdy said...

I love these old records. My Friend who owns a store in N Little Rock, Bought an old store stock from a store that had been closed 35 years. It is the stuff we look for any more with records from the mid 60's to the late seventies in every genera of music. He priced them right @2.95 each and no one seems to ever look at them. The 45 seems to be dead except those folks in the UK and Europe.