45's With Rhyme But No Reason


Friday, November 30, 2012




Timmy said...

These are great old radio spots from an era when we could all celebrate what we wanted to.

KL from NYC said...

I don't remember this one, and this seems to be from the late-50s to mid-60s era when I was growing up.

There's a guy (in Canada I think) who posts entire jingle LP packages:
They're from his collection from when he worked at various stations.

Another guy had good 5-minute program tributes to commercials at:
The earliest ones are best, and he stopped around 2011 without warning.

And someone in The Netherlands gets LPs of top-40 radio elements that the pirate ship stations used in the 1960s (like Radio Caroline off the UK coast, and Radio Veronica in The Netherlands (sometimes they're in Dutch, but usually in English). They're scattered throughout the site:

KL from NYC said...

They both have the same running time, and I can't tell if there's any difference between the two.